EU Regulation on E-Cigars and what is to Newcastle central station ?

E-cigars are still not in the ban list they only produce vapor than smoke like cigars.

After ban on using e-cigarettes in railway station its offensive to do so but Newcastle central station is an exception where people still do the harm but once found they will be found to stop it then and there.

Network rail which manages a huge part of UK's railway stations decided to lock down the use of devices.

Major interchanges such as Birmingham New Street has been hit by this ban. Since Newcastle central station is operated by virgin it just asks people to refrain from smoking e-cigars and majority of the people love virgin's move on this cause and it is not official that e-cigars are banned in Newcastle central station.

Smoking campaigns are against the ban since they use e-cigars to get rid of the smoking habit.

A North East tobacco control programme named Ailsa Rutter said "Though rules keep changing based on different establishments we don't give a thumbs up for an outright ban on e-cigarettes."

She also added that people using e-cigars do it only for a reason to quit smoking which cause to lose lives of many every year and as a start they only have reasons to celebrate. Moreover she says that policies don't quote the wrong term like vaping is as harmful as smoking.

Based on a report on smoking and health 19.9% of the north east adult's smoke and it is the highest in the country. Out of which two-thirds started smoking at their early 18.

2.8 million Of UK's total population use e-cigars as an alternate to quit smoking. Though e-cigars are not as harm as smoking it still is not risk free but a perfect aid to quit smoking in England.

A report published by public health London states that prohibiting e-cigars can't be justified since it helps people quit smoke.

While advisory report leaves it to the attention of employers and organizations to decide whether to ban the use of e-cigars in work spaces and public places.